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From: Bal Harbour FL

I wish I bought it sooner

July 16, 2014
What a wonderful lens. Amazing focol length. Great stabilitzation. Great color. Beuatiful results. Anyone with a Nex must buy try this lens to know what they are missing. This is a gem. It is worth the money for the results. I was going to wait for a wide angle prime a bit longer. I am glad I didn't. This does it all.... Read More  Hide
From: Tampa


February 07, 2013
As far as the E-Mount system goes, there aren't a lot of options for wide angle lenses. The SEL1018 however fixes that problem by going Super Wide. Although with a focal length of 10mm on an APS-C Sensor makes it actually 15mm on a Full Frame camera, it is still wider than any other E-Mount lens out to date. The only thing that I would say needs to be improved on is the f/4. Idealy I would like it to go a little lower, like around f/2.8. The size of the lens is actually a positive trait, in that it makes it easy to handle.... Read More  Hide
From: Moscow

Excellent lens - a MUST have!!

April 23, 2013
I have this lens for about 2 weeks, so I am still all excited about using it. Have had the opportunity to take landscape pictures in deserts and very narrow spaces. Overall performance - great colors, very fast focus, very little distortion, almost no "fish-eye effect", very light (lighter than same A-mount lens for Alfa cameras). Great option for ultra wide panoramic pictures, self portraits (using go-pro poles), portraits and action photos!! A must have for NEX5n and NEX7!! The only bad thing about this lens (besides the price!) are the moving zoom parts (10-18) - makes it very difficult to clean in deserts and tough environment... I would strongly suggest the next version of this lens without moving parts!! Check the photo attached for more details (not photoshoped)... Read More  Hide
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Just wow

December 09, 2017
Bought this lens a few months ago. Sharp wide-angle lens for my a6500. LIght-weight. I used a slim circular polarizer for this shot.
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