5” External LCD Monitor for Alpha/Handycam® cameras

5” External LCD Monitor for Alpha/Handycam® cameras

5” External LCD Monitor for Alpha<sup>™</sup>/Handycam<sup>®</sup> cameras
5” External LCD Monitor for Alpha<sup>™</sup>/Handycam<sup>®</sup> cameras



5”LCD WVGA (800x480) for easier viewing of video & stills

The Sony® CLM-V55 provides a beautiful 5-inch LCD screen for review and playback of video and still images, supporting both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. Works with any camera or camcorder that supports HDMI output.

Peaking support for precise focusing

Peaking enhances the edges of objects in the frame to allow for precise focusing. The 5” LCD makes fine adjustments much easier to see.

Tiltable up to 90o with supplied adapters

The supplied adapters allow the screen to be tilted forward and backward up to 90o, additionally the LCD can swivel 360o for superior flexibility when monitoring your video or still images.

Headphone jack for audio monitoring

Some cameras don’t always have a headphone jack for monitoring audio levels. The CLM-V55 with included headphone jack allows you to check audio signals with more clarity when shooting video.

LCD hood for viewing in bright conditions

The included LCD hood shields the LCD from bright light and the elements both extending the life of the screen and giving you a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Control Dial (Aspect Ratio, Volume, Brightness, Contrast, more)

The easy to use control dial quickly and intuitively allows for adjustment of volume, brightness, contrast, color, and aspect ratio.

Auto dimmer to conserve battery power

The Sony® CLM-V55 has an auto dimmer that will dim the LCD’s output after 60 seconds of non-use to conserve battery power.

Utilizes NP-FM500H battery common to many Alpha DSLRs1

The LCD is powered by the same InfoLITHIUM® M series battery (sold separately) that is used by many Alpha DSLR cameras for long life and high performance.

HDMI cable and shoe adapter included

An HDMI cable (mini to full) is included for easy connection to any camera with HDMI output, as well as a shoe adapter for tethering and stability.

Works with many DSLR/Camcorder manufacturers

Many of today’s HD cameras support HDMI output for high definition viewing and playback. With HDMI input and the included HDMI cable, the CLM-V55 can be used with a wide range of cameras and camcorders.

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Convenience Features
Power Save Mode Auto dimmer (dims after 60 sec of non-use)
LCD Display
Brightness Control Adjustable from 0 (dark) to 100 (bright), Default: 50
Customization Manual adjustment of Contrast, Color-tone (Phase), Backlight, Color Temp.
LCD Type 5.0" TFTs
Battery Type Compatible with NP-FM500H/QM71D/QM91D (not included)
Output Voltage DC 7.2 V
Power Consumption (in View Finder Operation) Approx. 0.5W
Weights and Measurements
Cord Length (Approx.) 45cm
Dimensions (Approx.) (L x W x H) Approx. 5 in. x 0.75 in. x 3.5 in. (129mm x 20mm x 88.5mm)
Weight (Approx.) Approx. 8.8oz (250g)

What's in the Box

  • Shoe adapters (Auto-lock Accessory Shoe/Accessory Shoe)
  • HDMI cable (mini to full)
  • LCD Hood