Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder

Easy to use, the ICD-BX132 delivers. Combining simplicity and capability the ICDBX132 offers: extra-long recording time, add and overwrite functions for corrections and additions to your recordings, and digital pitch control for playback for powerful recording capability in the palm of your hand. Digital Voice Recorder



Convenient recording

Complete with a large LCD display and front controls, the ICD-BX132 is easy to use while capably capturing moments as they occur.

Built-in 2 GB flash memory1

2 GB of available internal flash memory provides ample space for recording life's important moments-up to 2,087 hours in fact.1.

Mono Microphone

Capture thoughts, dictations and other details with great clarity via the built-in microphone. Via an external microphone (available separately). stereo recordings can also be made when necessary.

Automatic Record level

The recorder automatically adjusts recording levels for optimum results.

Noise Cut

Noise Cut reduces ambient noise during recording for clearer speech playback.

Low Cut

When activated, Low Cut filter helps reduce the effect of wind noise in your recordings.

Digital Pitch Control

Digital Pitch Control enables the recording to be played at a faster or slower rate without changing the recording's pitch.

Alarm Playback

Set a future date and time and the recording will automatically be played.

Easy Search

Rewinds or fast forwards in short increments making it easier to locate a segment in a long recording for review.


Did you forget a thought or mis-speak With Add/Overwrite capability, adding to or overwriting recordings during playback is quick and easy.

Battery Operated

Two AAA batteries (supplied) will deliver up to 20 hours of recording time so you will never miss a beat.2.


Audio Format(s) Supported Recording -

MP3 files:
Bit Rate: 2 kbps - 192 kbps, VBR
File Extension: .mp3

Playback -

Microphone Built-in, unidirectional microphone
Recording System Digital, Monaural Recording
Audio Features
Microphone Sensitivity Feature Yes (Hi/Lo)
Recording Features 4 Modes:
SHQ (192kbps): Super High- Quality monaural mode
HQ (128kbps): High-Quality monaural mode
SP (48kbps): Standard Play monaural mode
HVXC (2kbps): Long Play monaural mode
Message Folder(s) 5 Pre-Programmed at factory (5 Maximum)
99 Maximum files per folder
495 Maximum files
Convenience Features
Erase/Protect Yes
Message Folder(s) 5 folders
On-Screen Clock Yes
Safety Lock Hold Function
Search Features Cue/Review, Easy Search
Recording Media Built-In Flash Memory 2GB³
Recording and Playback Times SHQ - MP3 (192 kbps): 21 hrs 40 min; Max 13hrs battery life
HQ - MP3 (128 kbps): 32 hrs 35 min; Max 15 hrs battery life
SP - MP3 (48 kbps MONo): Max 86 hrs 55 min; Max 16 hrs
LP - MP3 (2 kbps MONo): Max 2087 hrs; Max 20 hrs
Type of Use Ultra Portable Voice Recorder
Inputs and Outputs
Headphone Output(s) 1 (Minijack, Stereo)
Microphone Input 1 (Minijack, Stereo)
Memory Size 2 GB = 2,147,483,648 bytes
Available: 1.75 GB (1,879,048,192 bytes)
Battery Life (Approx) Up to 20 hours
Battery Type Alkaline "AAA" x 2
Output Power 300 mW
Power Requirements Two LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries: 3.0 V DC
Frequency Range MP3 192k (SHQ): 75 - 15,000 Hz
MP3 128k (HQ): 75 Hz - 15,000 Hz
MP3 48k (Mono) (SP): 75 Hz - 10,000 Hz
MP3 2k (Mono) (LP): 100 Hz - 3,000 Hz
Speaker Dimensions Approx. 1 1/8 in. (28 mm) diameter
Weights and Measurements
Dimensions (Approx) Depth 0.84" (20.9 mm)
Dimensions (Approx) Height 4.5" (114 mm)
Dimensions (Approx) Width 1.5" (37.5 mm)
Dimensions (Approx.) 1.5" x 4.5" x 0.84" (37.5 x 114 x 20.9mm) not including projecting parts and controls
Weight (Approx.) 3 3/5 oz. (73 g) Including two LR03 alkaline batteries

What's in the Box

  • IC Recorder (1)
  • LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries (2)
  • Quick Start Guide (1)