Sound Forge Audio Studio 10
Sound Forge Audio Studio has everything you need to record, edit, and process music and sound. Repair and restore audio, apply broadcast-quality effects, prepare files for upload, and convert formats with lightning speed. You can even create your own karaoke tracks with the Vocal Eraser tool

Powerful Recording Tools

Your computer’s sound card leads directly to Audio Studio. Digitize rare vinyl LP records and tapes with the Vinyl Recording and Restoration tool, import audio from CDs, and work with audio files in a variety of popular formats including MP3, WMA, and FLAC

Over 30 Built-In Audio Effects

Customize your audio with more than 30 native signal and effects processing plug-ins, including compression, EQ, delay, chorus, reverb, and more. VST plug-in support expands the number of effects you can apply, significantly increasing your audio processing capabilities

Edit Audio Like a Pro

Edit and energize your sound. Give your audio tracks realism and sparkle. Balance sound levels, trim unwanted sections, and synchronize audio with video. Assemble a podcast or a DJ set. Make your own loops to use with ACID Music Studio

Enhanced Vinyl Recording and Restoration Tools

Use Audio Studio to digitize your rare vinyl LP records and tapes. Easily remove clicks, pops, and other noise from your audio files. Sweeten your sounds with more than 30 native signal and effects processing plug-ins, including compression, EQ, delay, chorus, and reverb. Audio Studio 10 includes a full suite of studio-quality tools that provide professional results

Vocal Eraser Technology

Audio Studio 10 software includes the Vocal Eraser plug-in. Easily remove vocals from most recordings, or isolate and extract vocal tracks from songs for remixing. The Vocal Eraser plug-in contains presets for various genres and vocal types

Resonant Filter Plug-In

Audio Studio includes the exclusive Resonant Filter plug-in, perfect for creating sweeps and effects in remixes, DJ sets, and original music

24-bit/32-bit Float/192 kHz Audio Support

Audio Studio software supports high-resolution 24-bit, 192 kHz files and sound cards for the ultimate in audio fidelity

Customizable Window Layouts

Customize and save your Audio Studio editing environments to fit the way you work. Create, save, and recall interface layouts for various editing tasks including audio editing and restoration, CD burning, and more. You can also dock floating windows together and browse open data windows using tabs

Integrated CD Layout and Burning

CD burning is built into Audio Studio software so you can easily create audio CDs. Burn one track at a time or choose disc-at-once (DAO) to burn a disc with full control over the pauses between tracks

Extensive Video Support

Audio Studio makes it easy to synchronize audio with video for video scoring. Import popular video formats including Windows® Media, QuickTime®, and more

AAC and FLAC Format Support

Share your songs with others! Audio Studio can export and import stereo .AAC files for use in iTunes® and on an iPod®, and also includes popular FLAC format support