Movie Studio 11

Movie Studio 11

Create breathtaking movies that beg to be watched again and again using Movie Studio 11. Easily drag-and-drop files onto the timeline, add style and energy with transitions, titles, and video effects. Then, export your movie to online sharing sites like Facebook® or post directly to YouTube from inside the application Movie Studio 11



Image Stabilization

Take advantage of image stabilization technology to reduce jitter and shaky video footage. Users with shaky video clips now have the ability to quickly steady their media using several easy-to-use presets.

Titles & Text Plug-in

Add excitement to your text events with animations and interesting effects using the Titles & Text plug-in. It is powerful, yet simple to use, and contains an assortment of animated presets.

Automatic White Balance

Movie Studio 11 enables users to easily resolve color issues within photos and video files by using the White Balance plug-in. Select a 'white' portion of the frame with the white balance eye-dropper and watch as the scene's colors are automatically corrected. You can also animate the color correction process with key frames.

Added Support for 24p, 50p, and 60p File Formats

Users now have a solution for editing 24p, 50p or 60p files.

Additional Video and Audio Tracks

Extensive text and video layering is now possible! Users can now access up to 10 video and 10 audio tracks per project. Easily create multiple text and video events, or add several audio loops or soundtracks to your project. The choice is yours.

Transport Controls for Trimmer and Video Preview

Transport Controls provide more intuitive and immediate command over editing, as well as improve the overall workflow, productivity, and editing experience.

Improved New Project, Render As, and Make Movie Dialog Boxes

These new and improved dialog boxes make it easier for users of any skill level to create new projects, export completed projects, or render projects to a variety of file formats.

Gradient Wipes

Choose from 28 different gradient wipe transitions and add excitement to your movies. Spiral from one clip to the next, wipe the frame from left to right, add a paint splatter effect to the transition, or select from the many other options.

Improved QuickTime AVC Decode-DSLRs

Experience improved QuickTime AVC decoding. Users working with the popular DSLR cameras that record to QuickTime AVC formats experience remarkable gains in playback performance.

Audio Event FX

Assign audio effects at the event level, which provides greater flexibility when working with multi-track projects. Users can gain more control over the placement of audio effects, as they can now apply them directly to the event level, as well as to the track level.