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From: Holland, MI 49424, USA

Great low light, wonderful when well lit

December 20, 2014
All the complaints about no 4k is crazy. Seriously, for those complaining about no 4k, go buy a different camera, like the GH4. Of course if you do, then you'll be complaining about the lack of low light abilities.... crazy.... I bought TWO a7s bodies strictly for the low light. Period. Done. There is NO match to the a7s. My commercial work for clients is 95% very low light, and very dusty conditions. The a7s is good. Crazy good! And not just for video, either. I shoot stills (landscape) and print them 60" wide on canvas, and they look very good.... If you want great dynamic range, and wonderful low light video, then buy this. If you want 4k on the cheap, go somewhere else, but you;ll be back to buy this eventually.... Read More  Hide
From: Canada

Jack of all trades? No. Master of some? Yes.

December 04, 2014
Get a tripod go outside at night and watch this camera overexpose the milky way. That's how sensitive it is. Sounds like a one trick pony, but think of all the things only you can do by having just that. Owned and used this camera for a while now. I use Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA Full-frame E-mount Prime Lens and Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS Full-frame E-mount Zoom Lens. Rolling shudder Yes No question. Compared to other cameras it is worse than some but not all. I would not call it end of the world but you will need to keep this in mind in some situations. Low Light - Amazing, nothing comes close. Untrained eye wont see much compared against the next best low light camera but with a little looking becomes obvious in most situations. Faults - Video Record button. Whoever decided that was a good place to place it should explain themselves. All in all. This Camera is impressive. The menu is complicated to people who don't use the camera for longer than a day. A quick menu is also available for frequented settings. (Make your own menu basically under a hotkey) After a day of playing with the menu it really isn't that complicated.... Read More  Hide
From: Ireland

Brilliant camera but who designed the grip?!!

May 12, 2015
I am professional photographer. I bought the Sony A7S to try it. Surely it is an amazing camera, but I am going to sell it for the following reasons: I can't stand how uncomfortable is the grip with the shutter button put straight up in vertical... very anti-ergonomic position and wouldn't be able to use it on a full day at weddings. The lack of a double card slot (very useful in other cameras to provide backup while shooting). Low megapixel count (I understand the high ISO is thank to the low megapixel, but are we sure we can't get anymore retaining same low light performance?) I sell this one now and really, really hope that very soon a Sony A7S MKII will come out on the market with better grip, better shutter position, (as you made with sony a7 MKII), dual card slot, more megapixel (maintaining same or better low light). If you accomplish this, I am willing to sell all my canon gear and switch 100% to Sony for all my pro gear. I would buy 2 cameras and all the lenses I need! Also please keep working on providing faster lenses native for A7S, 24-70 f/4 is not enough, give us 2.8, 70-200 2.8 etc! I think many other pro photographers are just waiting for more lenses to then do the switch to Sony!... Read More  Hide
From: Los Angeles, CA

Great Camera

January 10, 2015
I had NEX-5N before. I wanted to have something better in terms of video capabilities this time. Through out many reviews I decided to get a7S. Very very light, mobile. Extremely good for low light, never seen something like this before. For certain people, 12MP for still photography is a downside, but it works perfectly for me. If you have good full frame lens, it will be super sharp and high quality. Focus Peaking is a great feature for manual focus. XAVC-S is a wonderful codec for Color Grading. Battery goes fast but you get 2 batteries so that's pretty good. There is only one thing bothers me; not enough native lenses. Sony should act very aggresive about releasing more Full Frame lenses for a7 series. I was looking for 35mm f1/4 but ended up getting Zeiss 55mm instead because they don't have option.... Read More  Hide
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