From: Mandan n.d.

Great sound

July 18, 2021
I have to say I am pretty blown away by the awesome sound and functionality of these wireless headphones. Easily listen through Bluetooth from your device wirelessly. Love these most for the extra bass, it makes everything sound so much better and more real. I mean the sound is excellent. You also can take calls through these headphones which is great for hands free driving. Overall I love everything about these headphones and I highly recommend them.... Read More  Hide
From: Samoa, CA

So happy with these!

July 19, 2021
Ok so I always get a little skeptical about earbuds when they say “extra bass.” I bought the Dre Beats earbuds and the sound quality is not as good as I expected so I thought I would try these. OMG! I’m in love with these earbuds. They are wireless so I don’t have to use the adapter for my IPhone which is a huge plus (the wireless dre beats cost so much money)! The sound quality is crisp and clear and amazing! I feel like I’m listening to my Bose speaker I have at home no joke! I like that they power off if you aren’t using them so your battery doesn’t die as well. These earbuds are amazing do yourself a favor and buy them. The are comfortable in the ears too, I have small ears so it’s hard for me to find earbuds that fit good. I love these!... Read More  Hide

Good Sound Quality

July 20, 2021
These headphones are great for working out or using in the office. The wireless is convenient and the battery life can get you through a workout or important meeting.
From: Hanford, Ca

Battery life is out of this world!

July 20, 2021
I am always on the look out for a nice set of wireless ear phones that I can use while doing yard work. These have worked out phenomenally for me. I use them the most when I am doing yard work (for a few straight hours) and I can hear music without strain over my lawn mower. I have had them for almost two weeks and I have only charged them once. I use them pretty much anytime I am doing something outside, which is daily. If you need a quick charge 10 minutes will give you 60 minutes play time. 3 hours to charge fully. They are comfortable to wear (they do not hurt my ears) and come with several different ear bud replacements. These fit around your neck, are lightweight, stay in your ear and are super flexible. Control buttons are simple (especially for folks not well versed) and easy to navigate by touch. Good for making calls and very good for music, giving some good bass. They connect easily to my phone and I love that a voice tells you when they are on and connected with the added bonus of how much charge you have. Likewise the earphone tells you when you are shutting them off, so no fear of leaving them on and wasting the battery on accident. They come with a USB C cord for charging. They do not come with a carrying case but the ear buds are magnetic to help with the tangle factor. I definitively recommend for those looking for a long lasting (and I mean LONG), clear, bass oriented wireless ear phone.... Read More  Hide