From: Aventura Florida

Perfect for long workouts

August 02, 2021
I really love these wireless earbuds! The battery lasts a long time, the bass is super strong and actually has thump, and they are super comfortable in my ears which is a must when you are working out. The connection to my phone is strong and never cut out even when I had some distance from my gym bag. Great product!... Read More  Hide
From: Quilcene

Very comfortable

August 02, 2021
While these ear phones are not the smaller ear buds they are at least very comfortable to wear. I have used them to mow our large lawn area in place of the wired ear phones that are provided with new iPhones. These in-ear headphones were more comfortable as I was able to ride and empty the lawn sweeper with interference from a cord.... Read More  Hide
From: Olean, NY

Very impressive!

August 02, 2021
I am really impressed with the quality of these headphones, the sound is very clear with a wide volume range. I love that is has the weights on both sides that keep it from slipping off my neck. They hold a charge really well, I'm able to use them for 7-8 hours straight for 2 days before needing to recharge. These are extremely comfortable to wear too, they stay in my ears really well even when I'm active.... Read More  Hide


August 02, 2021
I got these for my daughter and she loves them! They are wireless so you don't have to worry about cords getting in the way. The sound that comes out of them is much better than other brands we have had. They also seem really durable, like they will last a long time.... Read More  Hide