From: austin, TX

uh very nice

August 02, 2021
great sound, easy to use and connect. very nice battery life. i actuyally like the cable vs the freefloating earbuds, since they can hang around your neck. I alos like that they're plain black and inconspicuous. I've tried a ton of BT earbuds and these are up there with the best.... Read More  Hide
Melissa M
From: fort

Great sound

August 02, 2021
I really love these wireless earbuds! The battery lasts a long time, the bass is super strong and actually has thump, and they are super comfortable in my ears which is a must when you are working out. The connection to my phone is strong and never cut out even when I had some distance from my gym bag. Great product!... Read More  Hide
From: New York, NY

Great Sound Quality & Extra Features!

August 02, 2021
I recently decided to try this Sony Wireless Stereo Headset, and I'm more than pleased with my new wireless headset, I picked this model because of the Extra Bass feature and I have to say that the extra bass is such an improvement in the sound quality compared to my previous earphones, the sound quality is amazingly clear for both music and phone calls, I find this headset design very comfortable, it comes with hybrid silicone rubber earbuds in different sizes for perfect fitting, and usb charging cable, I love that it only takes 3 hrs for a full charge, I'm impressed at the long battery life, I get about 15 hrs of music playback or comunication until my next charge, it's super easy to pair to a phone or anything with Bluetooth, plus it comes with graphic very clear and easy to follow instructions that don't even require reading at all. I also like that the earbuds are magnetized so when not in use they stick together and hang like a necklace around my neck so I know they won't slip and fall. I originally got this headset for myself, but my hubby loves them so much because of all the great features and sound quality that I'm getting another pair, I tried many different kinds before this Sony Extra Bass ones and these are by far the best wireless earbuds by far! A must try!... Read More  Hide
From: LaPlace, LA

Excellent wireless headphones

August 02, 2021
I like that these headphones were easy to connect to the Bluetooth on my phone after a charge. These were a little different to insert into my ear than I'm used to, but I quickly found a way to adjust them and make them comfortable. The sound quality is crisp and clear. The bass is nice and deep. There is a good range of volume. The sound is easy to control from the headphones. I like that the set is magnetic, so they can safely hang around my neck when not in use. Overall, these are well made wireless headphones with great sound quality.... Read More  Hide