91 firebird
From: Madison wisconsin

Great audio speaker fos action and scifi films

March 12, 2018
Well have over 30 pair of speakers,these Sony speakers with the super tweeter And the woofer design and a standard tweeter bring out sounds I never heard Before.for the money they can't be beat plus they look great with the grill off!
From: Houston, TX

great looks and wounderful sound

June 15, 2018
I bought this set of speakers few months back and, i m very happy with the clarity of sound they produce.
Mad Cow
From: Iowa

Great Quality and Sound

January 09, 2020
I decided to go across the board and get a new stereo system. Got a Sony STR-DH190 receiver, 2 Sony SSCS5 speakers, 2 SSCS3 floor standing speakers, and a Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB turn table. Wow, great quality sound and definition from FM, Phono, and audio input from TV. A lot of quality that will not break the bank. Instrument solos come thru bright and crisp. Bass well defined without being overpowering. Really brings out the quality that underlies old 70's LP's. Just a great setup. I link in my Apple Laptop and iPhone via Bluetooth to the Sony receiver. Though I have a preference for analog LP's, the digital via bluetooth is fantastic also. Highly recommend. A solid investment.... Read More  Hide
From: New England


December 23, 2018
Picked these up on sale right before Christmas to replace a rather flat sounding pair of speaker... I kept reading glowing reviews and thought there was no way they were that good, but for the price, I decided to find out. I could not be any happier that I chose to give the Sony's a chance! Currently they are hooked up to a Sony STR-1800 from the 70s (rated around 15wpc), and the sound they deliver is phenomenal! Tone dials are pretty much flat, and the bass is warm and accurate, with the highs being very pleasant and not at all harsh. Phenomenal product for the price! I did audition them on two other receivers I own, and they shined no matter what the source was when compared to my old speakers. In the end, I preferred the look to the old Sony so it will used until I find something I like better. If you are on the fence about these, get them!... Read More  Hide
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