Great Features, Fast and Efficient Focus Captue

September 23, 2018
Bought about 2 months ago, and although this Compact Version Full Pixel does all it should with regards to the Latest and Greatest, it lacks the Specs offered, which was a disappointment (17mp vs quoted 21mp). But all in all, the performance is par to none I have owned thus far, for a Compact 4K Capture/Digital Still Camera of this calbre. Menu is a bit clunky, and has a moderate learning curve, until you Speak Sony operative. This, in which I pray they update with firmware soon, as the Sony Memories Android/iOS Sony app is DOA, with never a connect over wifi or NFC, just dismal, and sad. Is it me...? As my mobile devices are a iPX and GS9+, so it is a head scratcher. But I am surprised at the focus speed and capture is as agile and precise as one could dream of, but the optical zoom is a downer, and just sad. I have an old Samsung Galaxy Cam 2 with 21x optical, and this is half that, and that ain't right...BUT, I'm keeping it cause it's a sweet little honey, and I love it for what it is...Super Quality, Tight Ops, with all it's I kept it a little too long...:P Enjoy~! it's a winner, actually, give it a try..!!... Read More  Hide
From: Memphis, TN

Fantastic small high quality camera

February 01, 2019
I needed a small and lighter size camera that would still have the high quality I have come to expect from larger more expensive cameras. Amazed at the sharpness and quality of this camera plus the broad zoom range in something this small is incredible. It fits in my pocket and is easy to carry and use. Wish it had better low light noice reduction but it is no worse than my larger cameras that are near professional level so it's a good trade in small size and have all the features that this camera has.... Read More  Hide
From: Oregon

RX100 VI Overheats :-(

March 23, 2019
Nowhere in the specifications, features, or reviews hint to the fact that this camera overheats and shuts down when doing video in excess of 15 to 20 minutes.
From: Cutchogue,NY

Small and great

June 07, 2019
Very happy that I chose this compact and versatile camera.
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