From: Tacoma, WA

Clear and deep sound

November 01, 2020
I am in love with these wireless in-ear headphones. They deliver a clear deep sound. Compared with my other wireless earbuds they are more powerful and provide punchy sound. They come with a useful and understanding instruction. So it was very easy to start using them. They paired to my Android phone very quickly and easy trough Bluetooth. I love the design of the headset. Super comfortable to wear. I don't feel them in my ears. Thanks to the long cord it is very easy to control them. But these headphones will not be great for exercising. The long cord will interfere during workout. They work about 15 hours after full charging. And I like that there is a feature of a quick charge. After 10 minutes of charging they can play up to 1 hour. Only one my wish that they come with some carrying bag or case for convenient carrying in my purse. Overall I am satisfied with these headphones. They absolutely fit my lifestyle.... Read More  Hide
From: New Orleans, LA

Dimensional stereo depth in wireless headphones

November 01, 2020
These Sony WI-XB400 headphones have to be some of the finest in-ear headphones I've used. I use over-ear studio headphones in my professional work as a musician, but I am plenty pleased using these for regular listening, or on the go tracks on your phone. It has a microphone for calling which does the trick. Easiest to use Bluetooth device of all time, my PC and iPhone instantly detected these. I listen to a large amount of high-fidelity 60's pop, albums like "Begin" by The Millennium just jumps out at you in wonderful stereo depth. Strong bass response, yet extremely tight and balanced. In-studio work, we like to say that headphones get better sounding as they will 'break-in'. These headphones will probably get even better with time. The multiple selections of earcups included will surely give you a good fit. The pre-installed M size earcups fit perfectly in my ear. As I am a stickler in sound and sound quality, Sony once again graces my home with another fine product, I highly recommend these headphones.... Read More  Hide
From: Austin, TX

Great features!

November 02, 2020
Nice packaging, easy to operate, easy to follow user guide, great battery life and good buy for the quality you get. Audio call quality is superb as well. The ear cups are comfortable to wear and easy to change from 3 different sizes (s, m, l). Definitely recommended for Xmas gift.... Read More  Hide
From: Houston, Tx

Exceeds expectations!

November 02, 2020
I didn’t hold out too much hope for these because I have tried so many wireless headphones- but these blew me out of the water. The fit in the ear is so great (and they come with other sizes of soft ear buds too), and the ear buds themselves are very soft meaning they seal up nicely so background noise doesn’t seep in. Sound quality was awesome, the best of all of these that I have tried. These are very light but are weighted nicely to stay in place even when you’re not. You can control the volume for music and it has a mic built in so phone calls are easy- I have used these on many phone calls and no one can tell any difference. Overall just great headphones that charge quickly and work well.... Read More  Hide