Connecting Phone and Computer has issues

November 18, 2020
When connecting a Phone and Computer at the same time, the apps set the Computer as default music and video player, so when trying to see Youtube or other music app on the phone it doesnt work unless you disconnect the Computer, I think you can fix that setting an option (Device by default) in the Device Currently Being Connected section, Hope you will fix that soon... Read More  Hide
From: Winnipeg, MB

Sound is excellent, poor dual bluetooth connection

January 04, 2021
Received these as a Christmas gift in 2020. Was really excited about being able to dual connect to my phone (S8) and laptop (Lenovo T480s) so that I could easily switch between listening to music from my phone and joining Teams calls for work. Immediately I began experiencing serious audio quality issues with my Teams meetings (completely garbled). Eventually the audio quality improves, but comes back after I end meeting, listen to music on phone and then have another Teams meeting (I'm in/out of meetings half the day every day). Firmware is up to date, and audio settings are configured as per instructions ("Hands-free" mode). On the forums, swaths of other people are complaining of the same issue. Really disappointing that Sony did not thoroughly test this before releasing. Hoping that they release a true acknowledgement of the issue and promise to fix before my return window is up, or I will likely return these. So far their only response is to update firmware/configure settings which we have all done. Aside from that, the audio quality of the music from my phone is top-notch. Absolutely amazing out of the box. Noise cancelling is really good too as well as the ambient sound control if you want to let in some outside noise. They are pretty lightweight and comfortable to wear. These qualities are its saving grace, but unfortunately with its extremely poor handling of secondary devices, leaves a lot less to separate these from their competitors. With everyone working from home these days, compatibility with audio conferencing (in the context of its advertised features, i.e. dual bluetooth connection) is an absolute must. If Sony addresses this sore spot, I will happily reconsider this review.... Read More  Hide
From: Pickering

Great sound quality

September 02, 2021
I'm a huge fan of Sony and their products. To my discovery the headphones I purchased today do not connect to my PS4 PRO. Very disappointed, I wonder if Microsoft does the same with their products.
From: Surrey, BC

So disappointed....

September 23, 2020
I just bought this headphone today...and I was expecting that it will be what they say it was...well everything seems to be working except for one thing...I can't hear the ambiance, even when volume is maximize and EQ is at max. Too perfect in cancelling the noise alright...that's for the two stars...but I need to hear the background or the people I am talking to without taking off the headphone...I wish I could return it...but they will not accept an open box....... Read More  Hide
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