From: Texas


August 05, 2021
Bought these to take on a long plane trip. I haven't had a lot of luck with the battery life on headphones so I was skeptical on getting yet another pair of wireless headphones but the adapter for my phone is hard to keep up with while on travel. I am pleasantly surprised with the lasting power of these headphones. I was able to list to a 7 hour audiobook without having to charge these headphones. The sound quality was also great, even over the loud plane engines.... Read More  Hide
From: Navarre FL

Perfect Headphones

August 05, 2021
I am genuinely impressed, I've gone through so many headphones in the past few months and these blew me away! I work in the city and I walk around a lot and these are perfect. The sound is amazing, and you can definitely hear that extra bass. It has an incredibly clear sound and while there isn't active noise canceling, you can definitely wear these and it completely tunes the city out. I would be pretty happy to wear these on a plane, I think they would do really well!... Read More  Hide
From: Orlando FL

Love this headphones

August 05, 2021
These pair of headaomes are amazing, the volume is very high and cancels all noise, the battery life holds very strong I charged them for about 2 hrs and used them for most of the day and they dis not die, very easy set up, my iphone found them right away once i turned the button on and went into blue tooth, they are very comfortable and come with 3 sets of ear cuchions which I do not need as they are extremely comfortable! Very happy with this product!... Read More  Hide
From: Lancaster, Pa

Great battery life and sound quality!

August 07, 2021
I seriously can't rave enough about these! I use these while mowing and the sound quality in these headphones is outstanding! Very comfortable and they stay in my ears with no problem and don't make my ears sore as others have in the past. The battery seems to last forever and they are pretty quick to charge. The controls on the cord are very easy to see and finger friendly to use. These headphones are so lightweight and easy to toss in your pocket. Definitely recommend!... Read More  Hide