From: Florida


August 12, 2021
Just purchased. Sound is really great! Came with 70% charge. Let's see how long it lasts.
From: Wisconsin

Awesome Wireless Headset

August 18, 2021
I listen to a lot of podcasts so was excited to try these and boy they did not disappoint. The directions were easy to follow and pairing with my iPhone 11 Pro Max was a breeze - it took seconds. The clarity of the sound is amazing, the comfort of the ear buds is great and I love that the wire can come around your neck and the ear bud pieces are magnatized so when u take out of your ears, you can clip them together and not worry about losing your ear buds. While I like the ear buds that sit alone in your ears, I hate when they pop out and you have to go searxhibf for your ear bud. These are so awesome, highly recommend.... Read More  Hide
From: Shenandoah, va

Nice bass, great workout headphones

August 30, 2021
My boyfriend borrowed my headphones, so I have been using these as a replacement and they are just as good as the pair I've been using, if not better. The quality of the sound is good. The bass is good. I had some trouble with keeping the headphones in my ears, they kept sliding out but that was remedied by changing the size of the plastic piece that fits in your ear. These are now my go-to for working out and meditating.... Read More  Hide
From: Wisconsin


September 13, 2021
I am blown away by these headphones. They connected easily to my Bluetooth and the sound is out of this world. They fit comfortably and very easy to transport.