From: Dallas, TX

Awesome earbuds - good, tight bass

September 15, 2021
I was wary of buying these earbuds because I worried that the bass would be overpowering/annoying. Not the case! There is real tech behind that makes the bass better, not just a balance adjustment. As a result, the bass is nice and punchy without any of the muddiness that you get from cheaper stuff. Love them!... Read More  Hide
From: Frederick, Maryland


October 19, 2021
This is a great set of headphones to use whenever and wherever. The fact that it is wireless is even better. I love using these when I take a walk or if I am just sitting at home.
From: Monroeville pa

Super loud

October 19, 2021
I really like these headphones I like the fact that the rechargeable they last for a long time they clipped together by magnets so they don’t come off your neck you’re super loud and they don’t take a long time to charge
From: New York, NY

Excellent Sound Quality and Bass!

October 20, 2021
I specifically chose these for the extra bass and these are definitely a great choice. The bass sounds amazing and does not drown out the rest of the music. I love the way these sound and fit. These stay in the ear when jogging, exercising etc. Never had a problem with them falling out. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a pair of excellent headphones with extra bass profile!... Read More  Hide