From: Chesapeake

Great sound

October 21, 2021
I am obsessed with my new head phones, the sound is absolutely clear and charges quickly. I highly recommend these, very light weight and comfy to wear!
From: Tampa, Florida

I love this thing!!

October 21, 2021
Im So happy that I got these, the extra bass comes through perfectly clear, it can hold for ,15 hours until it needs to be charged again, it has HD voice and hand free calling, it has a voice assist function, they are wireless, and they are perfect for the work I do. I love them and I use every function it has. A great product.... Read More  Hide
From: Pittsburgh, Pa

Great Earphones

October 21, 2021
These are great quality wireless earphones from Sony. The are easy to use and have great features. The sound is clear and crisp. The bass is good but they are advertised as EXTRA BASS so I would expect a little more thump. I wish they came with a case or bag for storage. All in all they are a great product and I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family. Thanks... Read More  Hide
From: Nc

Good Listening

October 22, 2021
I love sony headphones because i can listen too my music and lay in bed at the same time. And i can blast the volume as loud as i can. These headphones will last a longtime because it is a good quality product