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From: Ohio

WOW !! Wonderful Photo still learning

June 04, 2018
I've have Sony Alpha cameras for a long while as I have a bunch of Minolta lens I have the A 77II, A99 and just upgraded to the A99 II Because I have big hands I'm not interested in the the small Micky Mouse size and only hope Sony doesn't stop making real glass for the Alpha mount I was amazed at the photographs I've been able to get and another amazing fact to zoom in on long shots only to fine they're filled with photo information even at a couple of miles away I can't say enough about this camera and does wonders shooting soccer games too G. Friedman's book for Sony A 99 II instruction book has over 600 pages if very helpful hints and well worth the money have them for all of my Sony cameras... Read More  Hide
From: Washington, United States

Best Sony Alpha camera

February 13, 2017
I bought this a couple months ago . I took hundred pictures of the Bald Eagles they turned out better than expected . The tracking is fast and sharp.
From: Bakersfield Ca.

Same chip as much more expensive camera

April 12, 2018
I have been shooting this camera since it came out, I am one of the first people to have one, it is a work horse, I use it for everything from shooting King of the Hammers to the most delicate shots in the clean room. I have been shooting Sony exclusively for years now and have had the best luck with service and support.... Read More  Hide
From: San Diego, CA

Sony's best camera yet

April 14, 2019
The Sony A99m full frame DSL camera is superb technology. The older Sony, Minolta, & Sigma A mount lenses work very well with it. The features are mostly intuitive and works out of the box just fine in auto program mode, or one can dig into immense depths to set exotic camera functions. Focus is sharp, fast, and the ISO range phenominal. Don't forget it's a 43 megapixel photo either, jpg or raw. Blue tooth connects. Note no GPS though.... Read More  Hide
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