From: Flippin Arkansas

Schetchy Bluetooth conectivity

July 27, 2018
After 30 days I am satisfied for the most part, the only issue is that it is quirky when trying to pair a Bluetooth component.
From: NJ

Nice surprise

September 11, 2018
I didn't think anything would replace my old Marantz but this little sony is just amazing. Great unit for the money.
From: Dassel, MN

Great sound for very little money

April 14, 2019
We have three Sony receivers in our house and I really like the power and features for the money. We use this receiver in our workout room. It has plenty of power to drive our Klipsch speakers and having Bluetooth built in is very convenient! We use this inexpensive receiver almost every day - it is perfect for our workout room!... Read More  Hide
From: Georgia


May 02, 2019
I can hear endless free music using smart phone and YouTube. Sounds better than using CD player. The Bluetooth volume of this Sony works better than the volume of the Yamaha 202. More adjustability and louder.