From: fl

Great features without durability

January 23, 2019
Feature are amazing but the random red spots that randomly appear on some photos only after a month of owning and all the complaints online about failing shutters and broken shutter leafs has me worried. i love this camera but i fear for its longitivity... Read More  Hide
Mo chan
From: New York

Amazing camera

March 30, 2019
I was an original a7 user and I did enjoy using it even with the many flaws, but moving to the a7iii has been such a welcomed up grade. I will be using and exploring this camera for as a pro shooter and as well as my hobbies. I’ve done weddings with the zeiss 35mm 1.4 and the zeiss 85mm 1.8 and incredibly wonderful images. Low light was amazing and cropping wasn’t any issue. I just wish the banding with silent shutter was not so bad. But non the less homerun Sony.... Read More  Hide
From: San Francisco Bay Area

The a7 III Exceeds My Expectations

April 01, 2019
Coming from a Canon 5D MIII, and having shot Canon pre-digital, I can't believe how clean the high ISO shots are coming out of this camera. Granted the 5DM3 is more than a few years old now, but in side by side comparisons the Sony blows the Canon away, with the added benefit of rapid focusing and tracking of moving subjects, folding out screen, customizations.... and I'm not forced to part with my Canon "L" glass.... Read More  Hide
Ramin R
From: Los Angeles, CA

Awesome camera

April 11, 2019
I bought this camera several months ago and I’m super happy with it. Highly recommended.
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