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From: Canada

good but has lots of bugs

November 16, 2020
Good device but has many software issues, switching between 2 connected devices takes 10 seconds to actually switch which in case of a call is very unreasonable, the noise-cancelling feature based on position and location constantly keeps switching on and off which is annoying. I hope they fix the Bluetooth multiple device switching... Read More  Hide
From: Montreal, QC

cheap headset

March 07, 2021
I bought this about 6 months ago and now it doesn't work or I constantly have to press a button to stop the automatic microphone from blocking sound.
From: Toronto

Not worth the $500 price tag

November 24, 2020
Stating that the battery life is 30Hrs is an overstatement, realistically 15-20 hours. The headphones randomly turn off by themselves and in general, there are too many sounds and notifications associated with these headphones... just play music. Sony overloads the consumer with glorified technological features which are difficult and unnecessary to use in the real world (Speak-to-chat..analyzing your ear shape...Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing.. the list goes on). The touch pad on the outside of the headphones barely works and isn’t that accurate. Maybe I have a defective unit but there is an annoying rattle in the left driver when playing bass dominate music and the sound quality is definitely not $500+ worthy. 1 star goes to the noise cancelling ability… I guess.... Read More  Hide
From: Ottawa

Great, until it self-switches between devices

December 06, 2020
Amazing sound, setup etc. However, random headset touches can trigger a swap with the other device (e.g. ipad app OR itunes!). When the TV looses the connection, the only way to reconnect is to Power Off and On again the device. Last night I fought this thing for 2.5 hrs. Do not touch it and it might work.. Now, I went on forums and found similar complaints. Worrisome is also the app to blame...Should have bought the competitor? But I also heard of glitches among its software and connection of soundbars and home entertainment!... Read More  Hide
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