From: Nc

Love em

October 25, 2021
I love the WI-XB400 EXTRA BASS™ Wireless In-ear Headphones. They are a great size. They don't fall out of my ears. Have the best sound and perfect bass. New favorite headphones. Totally recommended.
Mary Anne M
From: Port Richey Fl


October 25, 2021
My Sony wireless earphones are phenomenal! That extra bass is absolutely the best by far. Very easy Bluetooth connection as well as being very comfortable. I definitely recommend these Sony earphones for everyone!
From: Phoenix AZ

Very nice sound and Bass!

October 25, 2021
Im impressed with the WI-XB400 EXTRA BASS™ Wireless In-ear Headphones. The sound is crisp, clear and the Bass is amazing with these headphones. This is the perfect gift for a Teenager, young Adult. You can get lost in your favorite music listening with these headphones. Very nice!... Read More  Hide
From: Oklahoma

Quality sound

October 25, 2021
I got these headphones for my kid to use with his switch and for school, he usually has a lot of complaints about airbuds or anything going into his ears. We’ve tried using different sizes but they usually hurt him. He has zero complaints with these though, he says they are comfortable and don’t hurt! That’s a win! The sound quality is amazing, great bass and clear sound.... Read More  Hide