Ronnie C
From: Simsbury, CT

Two years in - Still great!

May 09, 2019
I love this camera. I have owned it for two years now and it has been perfect. I only wish it had 4k 60fps. That is the only thing I'm waiting for to upgrade to the next chapter of Sony.
Bird Nerd
From: McAllen,TX.


November 09, 2019
I needed a low light camera for a video and this camera was able to deliver. Very satisfied with this purchase.
From: Atlanta, Ga.

Nice! (pre-judge).

January 16, 2018
I just got mind. I've been looking up the video walk-through and reviews online via Sony and some websites i trust. Before this one I had the I had a Panasonic GH-5 DSLR , I wanted the six but I'll give this a go since it's more expensive. they are from the same country so why not you know? Well, I'll give you guys an update soon!... Read More  Hide
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