From: NJ

Fantastic Camera !

July 08, 2019
I decided to upgrade to the Sony a99ii from my beloved Sony a99 and have been very pleased with the new features and advances introduced on the Sony a99ii. I'm a wildlife photographer and the jump to a 42 megapixel sensor is very noticeable, additionally the upto 12 fps shooting is awesome, the viewfinder is amazingly bright and the camera overall is very responsive.... Read More  Hide
From: Palm City, FL

Way Better than the Original

August 26, 2019
I had the original and I bought the M2 one week ago and so far I am very impressed. A great all-around camera. Amazingly the alpha mount accepts a 25 year-old Minolta lens that works very with the automatic features - focus and exposure. The camera was easy to get up and running, but I had the advantage of experience with the original. The only issue is that the camera can lose wireless connection to the GPS from my iPhone X. Probably an interference issue at home. Quickly turning the camera off-and-on usually reconnects. Once connected it seems fine until I switch to playback or go to a different app on the phone. The menu system is complicated and some features are hard to find (e.g.,Style). But you can always program one of the buttons . . .... Read More  Hide
From: Phoenix, AZ

Great camera left in Waters..

April 12, 2020
I bought this couple of years back after going through lot of brain storming. I enjoyed using this as my main camera, but it took me some time familiarize with the control and function. Good sensor to give great photos, rotatable back screen and Good quality sony A mount lens. Lack of 3 rd party lens and Sony focusing on E mount are main drawback to use this camera. Sony could have supported this camera for few more years.... Read More  Hide
From: Idaho Falls, Idaho

What a great camera

October 06, 2019
I upgraded from the a99 to the a99ii. Was well worth every penny. This is a great camera. I have already gotten some great photos grateful I would not have gotten with the a99. I hope Sony will one day come out with a a99iii, as I will buy that one two.... Read More  Hide
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