From: las vegas


April 21, 2019
sony a7m3, for me is a well rounded camera, coming from a dslr to a mirrorless, a7m3 gave me the ease and gave me more than i needed
From: Houston

Memory card problems

April 30, 2019
Bought new A7III from Amazon. Purchased a SanDisk Extreme Plus card 64GB Speed 170 MB/s. Once loaded the camera could not find it. Tried slot 2...same thing happened. Tried everything. Search Google; found many people with the same problem. Only work around was to download new firmware. Went to Sony site to download firmware but keep getting a "Woops" type error. Plus, I don't want to download firmware on a new camera. So, I guess I wasted $27 on the SanDisk. Bought a PNY disk with low speed and 16GB. It worked fine, except I can't capture video on it. Frustrated, I searched for a Sony SD. All Best Buy store in town (>30) could only order them...none in stock. Same thing for Walmart and Target. If Sony is not going to support third party SD's, they should so state.... Read More  Hide
From: Rockville, MD

Great camera but thee one thing !

May 05, 2019
I love this camera in every way. The one thing that makes the camera not receive 5 stars, is the fact that the mic jack stopped working before the year. I bought it on 08/07/2018 its 05/05/2019 now and it just stop working out of nowhere and I didnt buy a warranty cause I always take great care of my gear.over all great camera.... Read More  Hide
From: Charlotte, NC


May 12, 2019
New to Sony a7iii and I love this camera. The images are unrealistically sharp. Right out of the camera, the quality is amazing. The autofocusing is the top-notch.
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