From: Naperville IL

great sound quality

November 03, 2021
This is an awesome pair of headphones that I recently fell in love with. The sound quality that it gives out is super awesome. The fact that it is wireless helps me with meetings and on the go calls. I don't have to bother about detailing the wires. The battery life is very good lasting upto 15hrs. True of Sony's quality these are just wonderful. I would highly recommend it to anyone.... Read More  Hide
From: Lancaster Ohio

That Extra bass is it!

November 03, 2021
I am so fond of these extra bass in ear wireless headphones. I actually prefer these type of headphones to the tiny ear buds I'm constantly losing. These fit comfortably in my ears, and have the little controls on the cord that I find are easier than trying to push the button while in your ear. The most important part to me is that bass! These headphones deliver on that. I'm always on the hunt for a pair that are loud enough and have bass, it's always one or the other, these have both! You most definitely need to buy yourself at least one pair of these godsends. You can leave your device in a different room and go further with these without your music cutting out, for instance I can leave my phone in the living room and go to the back of my home and these still play, excellent, clear and crisp brilliant sound.... Read More  Hide
From: San Diego

Great sound

November 04, 2021
So happy with my new headphones. They stay in my ears while I’m running or working out, even if I sweat. They are also super comfortable and never make my ears sore. They are easy to connect to your phone and the battery last for days. Great pair of headphones.... Read More  Hide
From: Seattle


November 04, 2021
This is by far the best headset i ever owned. Not to mention I already have a previous set for an older model of this brand and I absolutely love this one! The best part is the long lasting battery life it can easily live for a long day of work, running for errands, walking outside and working out in the gym and still got some life in it and it recharges pretty fast too just in couple hours. It is very sleek design fits perfectly in my purse or pocket. The sounds is awesome and the controls are pretty easy to reach. It gives me the peace of mind of not worrying to lose the earbuds. I would absolutely recommend it... Read More  Hide