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From: st George, UT

best sound

December 15, 2021
There are my new favorite wireless in ear headphones. They have a much richer sound than other headphones I've had and they comfortably stay in my ear. They are easily connected to my phone and other devices. They have been durable and a wonderful product.... Read More  Hide
From: Portland, OR

Reliable, Long Charge, Great Sound

February 01, 2022
The neckband style of my new in-ear headphones is a massive improvement over so many other in-ear options. I especially appreciate that my inner ears don’t get crazy sore after wearing these for only a short period of time; my other in-ear headphones used to smart after only a couple of hours. My new headphones are so much more versatile than my last pair. They are easily portable, and I can even sleep with these in my ears fully charged all night, and I never lose one in the bed! These benefits came in handy while I slept over at my mom’s house a few nights last month. My dad passed away a few months ago, and I know she’s comforted if I stay with her occasionally. However, the guest bedroom at my mom’s house is right next door to her bedroom, and she snores so loud that it sounds like a freight train is crashing through the house from the moment her head hits her pillow and then literally all night until her alarm goes off the next morning! In addition to that nonsense, she sleeps with the television at night and keeps it on a very high volume. My headphones sound so great and work so well that I can officially sleep like a baby despite all that noise! My WI-XB400 EXTRA BASS™ Wireless In-ear Headphones deliver an amazingly autonomous musical experience with the clear sound quality they deliver, and they really do a great job of seriously snubbing outside noise (much to my kids’ annoyance when they try to get my attention if I get lost in a song with these on). These headphones hold their charge reliably for more than 10 hours at a time, and recharging time is remarkably quick.... Read More  Hide
From: Louisiana

Nice Product

November 03, 2020
These headphone work really well. The sounds are clear. The setup is easy but I do wish they had written instructions and not only pictures to guide you. I do have a small problem with the left one falling out easily. Not sure if it's just me. I do like the wireless convenience it offers.... Read More  Hide
From: Council bluffs iowa

Noce and clear

November 05, 2020
These headphones are really cool. Just like it says they definitely give extra Bass. It has a very clear crisp sound to it. It's very easy to hook up to your phone or whatever device you're listening from. The only issue I have is the cord doesn't sit perfectly on the back of your neck and so I am constantly trying to adjust it I just think it might be because I haven't figured it out yet so I'm not leaving a negative review on that part. They are very easy to use and user-friendly.... Read More  Hide