From: Mannford, OK

Clear sound!

July 09, 2021
I use these headphones every day, when I am out running, when I am working or just cleaning around the house. They have a great battery life and the sound is clear, a surprisingly amount of base for the size. I can easily skip to the next song or take a call, overall this is a great set of headphones!... Read More  Hide
From: Monterey, CA

Excellent sound, not as easy to wear as I'd like

July 19, 2021
So, as advertised, these headphones have excellent sound and bass response. They are comfortable in my ears and the battery life is quite nice - very convenient not have to charge every night as I did with similar headphones. My only quibble is they lack any kind of neckband and so sometimes can get pulled overly to one side or another and get quite awkward, especially when walking with them in. Even a small band would really help this stay on your neck.... Read More  Hide
From: Midwest

Good Sound Quality

July 20, 2021
My 10 year old was able to use these headphones with his phone without reading any directions. Good sound quality and way better than the small ear buds he used at school all year. They are well constructed and the cord doesn’t tangle like his other pairs. Worth the cost if the wearer doesn’t loose headphones all the time.... Read More  Hide
From: Cedar Park, Tx

Awesome headphones

July 21, 2021
This is a very good headset. The music sounds good and the noise cancellation is good too even though it doesn't mention it. I have over the ear headphones from Sony, but I prefer these for the quality of music and the convenience to carry it around. The battery life is not bad either. For such small headphone they are really impressive.... Read More  Hide