From: South Texas

Great sound!

July 23, 2021
Got these headphones in hopes that I wouldn't loose them. The sound is far better than any of the "pod" type headphones out there. They work extremely well if your stationary however as I used them while I was mowing they slipped out three times over the course of an hour. While its not the end of the world it does get old having to stop and set them correctly. Will definitely continue to use on planes and car rides ect. Great sound at a great price.... Read More  Hide
From: Steger IL

Lightweight and quality sound

July 26, 2021
These lightweight earbuds offer a nice level of extra bass and good quality sound. The silicone covers help you find the right fit and the magnets eliminate any tangling. I found these very easy to setup with my bluetooth and the charge hold time is great. I am able to get over seven hours of continuous use. The only feature I don't care for is the cord. It is on the long side and seems to pull on the earbuds while I'm moving around and exercising. Overall though, I think these earbuds are well made with a good quality sound.... Read More  Hide
From: Moriches, NY

Lightweight headphones, good sound quality.

August 01, 2021
I had the opportunity to utilize the Sony WI-XB400 EXTRA BASS Wireless In-ear Headphones during multiple activities. These headphones are super super easy to set-up and pair out of the box, a quality I really appreciate. I found fitment of the earbuds to be excellent, despite myself often having difficulty finding buds to fit my smaller ear canals. The Sony Sony WI-XB400 EXTRA BASS Wireless In-ear Headphones feature control panels on the wire loop, and although they are simple to navigate, I find the actual wire system to defeat the purpose of "wireless" headphones. These headphones work for me while walking or relaxing on the couch, but I personally find the wire to interfere if speed walking, or cleaning. I'm not sure these would be optimal for running or jogging. Sound-wise, I was really pleasantly surprised by how impressive these headphones were. I found the quality of various music genres to be clear and crisp. The extra bass is evident when it kicks in, and so I'm happy with the volume and sound performance. Because I also have a premium pair of Sony Wireless on-ear headphones, I don't find these headphones to blow away some of the other options. However, the quality and performance for the price point on the WI-XB400 is just as expected. Good product, overall.... Read More  Hide
From: Dayton, OH

Battery life is GREAT!!!

August 06, 2021
First of all, you could use these headphones all day and probably not run the battery down. I of course don't use them all day but I've gone several days without charging them so I imagine they'd last all day long if that's how you plan to use them. I'm not a huge fan of the wire that connects each ear bud. Maybe I'm wearing it wrong the wire just seems to be way too long and it flop around and pulls on the ear buds when I'm walking. I did recently see some guy wearing headphones similar to these and he crossed the wires in the front of his neck and that seemed to cut down on the wires flopping around. I plan to try that this weekend when I go on a hiking trip. The sound quality is nice. They are not noise canceling but that's not something I was looking for while hiking. The buds fit nicely in my ears without any discomfort. Overall, I've quite happy with my Wireless in-ear Headphones.... Read More  Hide