From: mumbai

Great feature

August 28, 2018
i bought this 3 year ago and very happy this. i bought this 3 year ago and very happy this.
From: Grand Haven, MI

Best video camera I've ever encountered

May 03, 2015
The full frame sensor, the widely ranging ISO, and codec, and the adaptability of the camera to take almost any lens makes it a brilliant choice. I have outfitted mine with an adaptor to allow me to use a collection of Leica lenses. Yes, I would like a zoom, but these primes are beautiful in combination. My only dissatisfaction is the 29 minute recording time. I work around it, but for long records it's a bit of a pain. Yes, I know I can get an outboard recorder, like a Shogun, but I prefer a smaller setup, and 1080p with the 50 mbs codec results in just stunning video. I am very grateful to have this camera.... Read More  Hide

Weater sealing

May 18, 2015
This camera would have been the perfect one if it was moisture and dust proof
From: Princeton, NJ, USA

Z2 VS Z3

January 04, 2015
Owning a Z2 the next step was a Z3, however several key changes I felt were backwards- One the LED is now a small dot in the corner of the device vs. the larger one over the Sony logo on the Z2. Another key item for me was callers expressing lack of audio clarity when using the speaker phone was garbled and unpleasant. The game changer was being unable to use "Ok Google" as it created a camera error message they were unable to address until the next release.... Read More  Hide
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