Doug D
From: North Carolina

A mount feature

November 09, 2019
Decided to upgrade my inventory. Love the way it feels. I'm still pretty much an amateur photographer, but I love this camera !
From: Michigan

Crisp and clean and all caffeine

April 25, 2019
Quite impressive and very happy to have this gem in my collection. Superb color saturation and ability to shoot in natural low light. Super speedy too.
Sean L
From: Los Angeles, CA

Great camera with rooms for improvements!

May 28, 2019
I bought the camera more a year now. At the time of purchase I had two choices: to buy A99II, or A9. I picked A99II because all my lens are either Minolta or orignal Sony lens, A-mount. And I read some reviews talking about A9's getting hot problem. I also learned the A99II's problem of "sensitive shutter release" button. The sensitive shutter release button problem causes me a lot of troubles! I bought more than 10 different cameras, most of them sony cameras. I never encountered such problem. I could not understand why this happened on a Sony's flag ship camera? I wonder if a firmaware update can fix the problem? Or, Sony will issue a quality recall to fix/replace the shutter release button? I really hope it be fixed very soon! Another inperfection of camera is the eye focusing. It requires special set up and occupy one button on the camera to activate the function. In the real world situation, you have to keep one finger to stay on one button and while at the same time you have a sensitive shutter release button. it's just so hard to give the right aount of pressures on two buttons! I had a lot of miss releases. I got a lot of unfocused shots!!! When I heard and saw new firmware for A9, A7RIII for eye focussing, I and many people who own A99II really hope Sony can give A99II the same firmaware update and to have the same functions on our cameras! I do hope Sony can give A-mount cameras more attentions. Especially, to provide firm answer: whether Sony will keep Amount camera alive, whether Sony will give the same tech improvemets and the same features on E mount cameras. X. Liu, 5/28, 2019... Read More  Hide
Farhad M
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Limited Lens Options

October 11, 2017
I bought a Sony A99-II about 7 months ago. I also had purchased a mirrorless camera model made by Sony several years ago. I, however, prefer the DSL to the smaller mirrorless cameras. A99-II has an impressive 42 Mega pixel sensor and the camera has great features. It appears Sony has a love and hate feelings toward the camera it introduced a year ago. The Sony engineers have been manufacturing a number of great lenses for the E-mount models and not for this A-mount unit. Also, the third party lens manufacturers are making interesting lenses for Canon and Nikon, but not for Sony A-mount units. Based on my frustration for limitation of the lenses for this camera, I doubt I will buy Sony products in future for not knowing how well that product will be supported.... Read More  Hide
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