From: Austin, TX

Good for low impact activities

August 06, 2021
These are a great book sheet friendly option if you’re not looking to invest in a higher priced tier of headphones. Overall the sound quality is great. The ambient or outside sound is muffled, but not silenced. I use them for sitting at my desk and taking calls over Bluetooth on my Apple products. Easy setup and clear calls. I’ve had one or two instances of muffled sound from my microphone on teleconferences, but overall no real issues. They’re not great for running or physical activity. They stay in well at the desk or on the couch, but they move around too much for exercise. I really like the magnetic clasp function between the headsets. It lets me wear the headphones like a necklace when I’m up and moving around the office.... Read More  Hide
From: Pittsburgh, PA

Works well!

August 16, 2021
I was pleasantly surprised by these ear buds. Set up with connecting to my phone and charging them was super easy. The sounds is good. Not as good as my husbands $200 ear buds but they still had a quality sound and the comfort is good on them as well.... Read More  Hide
From: Raleigh, NC

Rock Out

September 23, 2021
These headphones give the sound quality I expect from Sony. Clear, no feedback. I listen to a lot of rock and hip hop and indeed the bass is super. No qualms. I do prefer separate buds vs the ones that are attached, but these were comfortable
From: KS


October 22, 2021
My son is really enjoying the Sony - WI-XB400 EXTRA BASS™ Wireless In-ear Headphones.......they work really well, but the only problem is he has small ear canals so they don't really sit right in his ears.