jblack 82
From: Dalton, GA.

Good little ear buds..

October 24, 2021
I really like these and my only complaint is that they don't get as loud as id like, however i am a bit deaf in one of my ears so that could be all on me. These things really do pump up the bass though which is good because i listen to alot of heavy bass music. So in closing if you are not deaf and you like bass these are for you.... Read More  Hide
Chris R
From: Dayton, KY

Above Average Head Set.

October 25, 2021
Sound: Decent. Very bassy, decent mids, treble is kinda tinny and thin. These won’t blow you away. It has an incredibly clear sound and while there isn't active noise cancelling, you can definitely wear these and it completely tunes the city out. I would be pretty happy to wear these on a plane, I think they would do really well! They wrap around your neck and I love that they're magnetic and you basically wear them like a necklace. I thought that they would have some issues staying put since the magnets don't seem particularly strong, but I haven't had any issues, even when I'm running around and working. They even stay put pretty well when you only have on earbud in. The best part is the battery life, hands down! When I got them they were pretty much full charged and it took a week (i repeat, A WEEK!) before I had to recharge them. I don't use them all day, but I definitely use them for a few hours, and they definitely hold up! The two nodules on the cord contain the controls (left side) and the battery (right side). The battery side is ever so slightly heavier. If you go out of Bluetooth range and the set loses connection, it will not automatically reconnect when you are back in range. You have to turn the set off and back on to re-establish the connection.... Read More  Hide
From: Los Angeles

Fret Sound for the Price

October 25, 2021
I an frequently buying headphones because I loose them. With these Sony headphones I can leave them around my neck magnetically so they don't fall out of my ears like other more expensive wireless in ear headphones. The sound is great, they are lightweight and comfortable. The battery life is good and will last when traveling on a plane. I also like the control buttons and ease of use. For the price, a great find.... Read More  Hide
From: Bell County Ky

Good sounding long lasting

October 26, 2021
The Sony WI-XB400 Extra Bass wireless in-ear headphones are good quality. My husband uses them while he is at work all day and they will still be charged when he leaves and he works 10 hours. He said the sound of the headphones are good. The only thing that could be better is the mic of the headphones. While on a phone call you can hear alot of background noise. It would be nice if it had noise canceling feature like other headphones.... Read More  Hide