Earphones sound great!

October 26, 2021
Recently tried these earphones out and overall I would definitely recommend them. First and foremost I love that they're completely wireless which is super conveinent. These earphones sound awesome, especially when listening to music. They're super portable and go in ear and rest around the neck which is super simple for using on the go. The charge also lasts a great while with these earphones. Overall, nice quality sound, easy hasslefree use, and a great product all around!... Read More  Hide
From: New York, NY

Clear Strong Sound

October 27, 2021
Finding a pair of headphones that fit well in my ears and provide quality sound can be a challenge for me. I'm happy to say this challenge ended here with these Sony (WI-XB400) Extra Bass wireless (in-ear) headphones. These are overall good quality headphones. The sound quality is clear without feedback and bass is good as one would expect which I can appreciate when listening to genres like Hip Hop. Good sounds is important always, but in particular for me when I'm in the zone working out. You may need to change the size of the plastic ear piece to ensure it's the right fit for your eat, but once that has been determined they don't fall out.... Read More  Hide
From: Jacksonville, NC

Work well

October 27, 2021
My husband lives and breathes with Bluetooth headphones in his ears. Mainly for work which is always. He has hearing loss from the military and he really likes being able to hear the bass in his music. Fortunately these deliver on that. They do provide more bass than others like this. They fit in ear nicely. They do provide optional ear pads to ensure a proper fit. They provide a small charging cord which is great for cars. The reason I dropped it a star was you can't tell when they are done charging. They connect well to our Samsung phones. They seem to be reliable. Overall a nice set of ear plugs. I received these to review but my opinion is honest and my own.... Read More  Hide
From: Stillwater, OK

Good Budget Headphones

October 29, 2021
These headphones are great for someone who doesn't need all the fancy tech that comes along with more expensive wireless headphones. They provide a good sound, with good bass, and clear quality. They fall out of my ears sometimes, but overall work really well for a basic set of headphones.... Read More  Hide