From: Ashland, Ky

Crisp and long lasting

November 10, 2021
For voice communications these are great. The sound is crisp and clear, but several people I tried to communicate with complained the mic pickup was weak. I wasn't impressed with the music quality, though it was crisp and clear. I don't think there is nearly enough bass. I think some of the music quality issue is due to the design of the earpiece will not allow for the earbud to really fit very far into the ear canal, regardless of which pads are used. I got them primarily for voice listening as in talk radio over the internet and such, and so they work fine for that. Pros: superb battery life, lasting from 20-24 hours of almost continuous use, and much longer if used extensively on standby. Comfortable to wear in a normal manner. Good voice quality, crisp and clear. The magnetic backs cut down on tangle and cut down on "dangle-tangle". Cons: Only average music quality (too crisp and "tinny" sounding, with lack of bass for my taste). Comfortable to wear but not to sleep in, as the buds extend too far outward and pillow pressure on them creates an uncomfortable fit. Back sleepers would have no issues. Overall they appear to be a well-made set of general-purpose Bluetooth buds with exceptionally good battery life.... Read More  Hide
From: Tulare, Ca

Amazing quality

November 13, 2021
I use these when i'm doing my household chores and love the quality. The sound is amazing and they block out any background noise. I have 3 rowdy boys who fight all day but not when I have these on, I can't hear them. And yes I make sure there is another adult around to make sure they are ok. I love how sleek they look and how easy they are to use. Only thing I don't like is that they hurt after a while. My ears are on the smaller side so i've always had that issue with headphones. Best part is they are WIRELESS! I don't have to worry about carrying my phone around with me or getting tangled while i'm trying to move around. Perfect for my hectic lifestyle.... Read More  Hide

Great value

November 21, 2021
The Sony WI-XB400 bluetooth headset is a great value but fall short in a few areas. First, the sound quality of these bluetooth headphones is excellent. Good amount of bass with just the right amount of mids/highs to complement the lows. Call quality is good and no problems there. The battery life is really good as well. I have been able to get the 12 hour battery life and then some with every charge. Easy to pair and very straight forward instructions in the box. I was actually impressed by how straight forward the instructions were. Now for where they fall short. The magnet that snaps the earbuds together is fairly weak. When not using the ear buds, they tend to come apart easily. Furthermore, these are the longest headphones I have ever seen. I understand the thought is to cross them when putting them in your ears. However, I just cannot get used to this after using other shorter headsets. Overall, a great value and really good quality bluetooth headset if you can get used to the length and cross the cables when wearing them.... Read More  Hide
From: Austin, TX

Decent sound

November 29, 2021
These headphones have good sound quality and are good for listening to an audiobook. They are wireless, but there is still a wire that goes between the two earbuds. It took 3 hours to charge and set up for first time use. Also, the large size earbuds were too big for me and kept talking out of my ears. I’ll a 40+ year old woman, and I needed the smaller size.... Read More  Hide