From: TX

Cool headphones

December 21, 2021
These headphones have a great sound quality. The are made from a thick material that will not break easily. The ear pieces are also small so they are not uncomfortable to wear.
From: WA

Value for money

January 22, 2022
A very decent headphones for its price. I has high bass as promised, great for those who like to hear those beats. However, its fine for other usage, which is acceptable for its range
From: Milwaukee, WI

Good Sound quality, clunky design

April 25, 2020
I go through headphones a lot because I use them while landscaping. The hardest part is finding a bluetooth head phone that is light weight and doesn't fall out of my ear easily. These are good for moderate activity but you cant move around to well because of the battery packs dangling around. I wish the length of the cord was adjustable. Also, the bass is meh for what I was expecting but it was there.... Read More  Hide
Dave T
From: North Tonawanda, NY

Great for music

November 11, 2020
I've been a fan of Sony products for as long as I can remember. I was excited to get these headphones. They are great for listening to music and the sound quality is pretty good. However, when using it to talk on the phone, they're not perfect. The sound was off and the person I was talking to said my voice sounded far away and distorted, so I wouldn't recommend them for that specific use. They are pretty great for music or podcasts. I was pretty impressed with how long the battery lasted.... Read More  Hide