From: Miami, FL

Decent sound but that's about it.

November 03, 2020
These headphones are NOT for the active people out there. The simple fact that it doesnt have a neckband says it all. These headphones are great for lounging and sitting up right or barely inclined. Maybe best on an airplane. If you lay flat on your back, you can pretty much guarantee that they will almost pop out of your ears. Since there is no neck band the volume module on on side and the identical weight module on the other side will simply fall back and put pressure on the buds. I tried using these at the gym and it was a nightmare. While bench pressing the above scenario took place and I found myself concentrating on the buds not falling out instead of my workout. I eventually had to cross and loop the wires around my neck for the remainder of my workout. The range of these is fantastic and the sound is better than most Bluetooth headphones. But the sheer fact that they constantly slide down my back and almost come out of my ears make it a big deal breaker.... Read More  Hide
From: San Antonio

issues when battery is below 50%

August 25, 2021
They work fine and have a great bass. no issues unless the battery falls below 50%. at that point, the signal started to break and got a choppy sound. I don't know why that was happening but two times that the battery went below 50% it happened. I think there was an issue with the pair I received. I would not recommend this product if all the headphones have this issue.... Read More  Hide
From: MD

Missed opportunity

May 11, 2022
Got these because they allow use of Aptx, Ldac and extra bass with the ability to eq them through the app. Problem is you can't use either Ldac or Aptx while using the eq! Wasted opportunity! These could have been great for $179 if they could actually utilize the eq,extra bass, Aptx or Ldac instead of being restricted to only Sbc when using the eq. Why bother to even have Ldac and Aptx?... Read More  Hide
Disappointed in Illinois
From: Illinois

It keeps disconnecting

March 10, 2020
Purchased the headphones last week through Amazon. The headphone will work for about 10 minutes or so and then disconnect from Bluetooth. I turn it off and restart it and it works fine for a few more minutes. It is fully charged. I can’t find any troubleshooting help on the Sony site. Not happy... Read More  Hide