From: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Quite a few software issues - Regretting Purchase

May 12, 2017
I feel like I should preface this review with the fact that I am a professional videographer. I work on adventure reality, nature, and travel shows for Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and many others. The camera does everything is advertises but it has a few big problems. 1 is banding issues when shooting in LED lighting. This effects stills and video and the video is unusable. So basically every concert I shoot now has an added challenge which makes half of my footage trash. My previous Canon camera never had this issue with stage lighting. I have tried every combination of settings on the A99 II to no avail. The second big problem is while shooting time lapses with an intervalometer (I wanted the full 42 MP for an animation I was doing) the exposure fluctuated by about 1/8 of a stop between shots with the exact same settings. This is an obvious problem as time lapse flickers when it is compiled. Again, I never had this problem with my previous Canon camera. I have read that Sony iris' are closed until you trigger them which leaves room for error as opposed to an iris that remains consistent once you set it. Huge setback for my work. The last problem I have recently been experiencing was when playing back 4k and 120 fps footage in camera the clips appeared to be extremely overexposed. It freaked me out at first until I put the footage into my computer. It seemed to be fine in the computer. I have not tried the playback via the hdmi output on an external monitor yet but that problem could be detrimental on set when showing clients what was just shot. The menus are also extremely confusing. I'm slowly memorizing them but the design could be vastly improved. That being said, I wouldn't mind if the above problems did not occur. The saving grace of the camera is the dynamic range and the low light capabilities. I'm loving the S-log and ITU709 settings.... Read More  Hide
From: Bosnia and Herzegovina

This camera has a problem with overheating

August 23, 2017
I bought this camera 3 months ago.Today at a temperature of 30 degrees after capturing 10 video files lasting of 13 seconds a warning occurred that the camera was overheated.It was disappointing and shameful in front of clients. That's unbelievable for Sony.If anyone had a similar problem, let me know... Read More  Hide
From: Portland, OR, United States

Great camera but some features seem already old

April 26, 2017
As advertised, Sony put a lot of current technology from the A7 family into this camera, which is great. That said, a few things remain the same, lagging behind the competition and Sony's own e-mount offering. 1. Camera does not support USB 3 and higher rate cards, causing the cache to take time to clear even with fast SD cards. 2. Video modes are still not operating like Stills Modes, wasting a lot of time when doing jobs that require both video and stills. Wish when setting camera to M I could also capture a video with the same settings without switching to video mode. Adjusting the dial just takes too much time since you have to look a it to get it right, not a good practice while in a middle of a documentary shoot. 3. No Touch Screen :(... Read More  Hide
From: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Excellent Camera too many options

July 28, 2017
Well I've had this camera for almost 3 months now and I have taken less than 100 pictures. Prior to this I owned an A99V, A700, KM-7D, and several Minolta film cameras. This camera, the a99II is the most complicated camera yet. There are entirely too many options. There are options inside of options. In my opinion many of the options are useless just there so Sony could say they have x# of options. As a result, I am still trying to set up the camera for my kind of use. As an example of options inside of options, there is an option for center AF lock, then there is an option to lock center on AF. What that heck is that all about? A better example of nested options is that there are 7 memory registers, however, 4 of them are recorded to the SD card in the camera so if you happen to have another a99II you can carry the memorized settings to the second camera. Really!? As my wife always says, "take the picture already"! Then there's the fact that Sony decided to get rid of button for direct control of Steady Shot and it is instead a custom button (C1). Then there's a second custom button (C2) on the top front of the camera. Really?! In order to enable or disable Steady Shot you must actually go into the memory or you can assign the Steady Shot function to one of the custom buttons. So why have the second custom button at all? I can't remember what memory register is for what type of shooting. I would have liked to see a way to label each memory register e.g. landscape, sports/wildlife, portraits. Also, I can't remember what menu holds what options.... Read More  Hide
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