From: Sykesville MD

Great sound quality!

July 02, 2021
I am so impressed with these Sony headphones, the sound quality is superb, and the bass is deep! They are super easy to use, the battery lasts a crazy long time. Super pleased!
From: MD

Exceptional Bass and All-Day Battery

July 04, 2021
As a note, this is my 3rd pair of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones from Sony. I believe that Sony makes very cost-effective and quality headphones, and these have further reinforced that opinion. First, the positives (and a lot of them) of these headphones. The bass on these Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Bluetooth headphones is noticeably more pronounced (as their name implies) than most other similar, compact BlueTooth headphones I own. The battery life lasts an entire workday, especially when listening to voice audio and not cranking up heavy bass. As far as the fit and positioning of the headphones, they are relatively balanced, and one ear listening isn't too difficult just have to adjust them when walking around. (The pair of Sony WI-C300's I own are notoriously unbalanced, but these don't suffer from the same issue). The headphones are comfortable to wear all day, and the ear fit feels natural like other Sony headphones. Take a few minutes and try the different interchangeable silicone earbuds to ensure you have the best fit. A final note on the physica features is that they contain small magnets in the earbuds that connect together when not in use and they're still around your neck. One of my favorite features is that these headphones use USB-C natively, which aligns well with the power cords I have for my phone. When making a voice call or attending an online meeting, the microphone's audio is crisp and clear on the receiving end (my spouse helped me here). As a bonus, if using the proper size silicone earbud, there is a slight noise canceling effect, making it easier to hear. If desired, you can press the power button twice quickly to use Google Assistant or Siri. Finally, these headphones allow a multipoint connection if using different devices for music and voice. I only have a few negatives in my usage of these WI-XB400's. This may be a personal gripe, but after using other premium headphones, I was a bit disappointed that there is no integration for the Sony Connect Audio App to update firmware and customize the audio. Another personal gripe is there is no "hear-through" mode, but I wasn't expecting there to be. Finally, there is only a one-year warranty, so make sure to register the product online when you have your receipt handy.... Read More  Hide
From: Cassadaga NY

Great sound

July 04, 2021
These headphones sound great. Tons of bass. Very lightweight and comfortable in your ears. Simple to connect and use. They charge up pretty quickly and have a long use before needing to be recharged.
From: Gardner, ks

Great headphones

July 04, 2021
They're extra long which is kinda weird but if you want long wireless headphones, then they're perfect. The best quality about them is that they're noise cancelling! The bass on them is pretty good too.