Rich n Lukang

Needs dial locks!

June 06, 2020
I've had my a7III for almost a year. I like using it. I like the quality of the images it produces. However, there is one huge error in the design. No locks on the dials. The exposure compensation dial always seems to want to wander. I usually don't have any problems with the mode setting dial moving, but it has moved a couple of times. Sony must have had tripod shooters in mind when they designed this camera and not people who hand carry their cameras 99% of the time. Is it an oversight by Sony to not include locks in the design? Yes. Is it a deal breaker on me recommending this camera? On to other things. This is an easy camera to use right out of the box, but a hard camera to learn. While there is always auto mode (why would you by an expensive camera to use auto mode?) you can easily learn to use aperture and shutter modes to get you out and taking pictures. Then, I highly recommend you watch a few tutorials on the internet to learn to use all the other features this camera has to offer. It's been a year, and I'm still learning. A touch screen menu would be helpful here. I still find myself fumbling with buttons and dials to change settings. While not a deal breaker, a touch screen would be so nice... Sony! Are you listening?... Read More  Hide
sam I am
From: california

Wifi Tethering with PC

May 06, 2018
We can connect our laptop to the camera but the software installed on the PC doesn't allow wifi tethering, only USB...why? Software are ancient. Need to hire a product manager.
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