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From: Auburn, AL

Too tired to play

January 21, 2019
Bought this player yesterday. Watched 1 movie last night. Worked fine. Tried watching 2 different movies today. The DVD stopped playing several times. Each time we would have to Open; wait; and finally play. Sometimes it would start and other times it would not.... Read More  Hide
From: Florida


February 20, 2019
This player work ok for 95 days and then it starting playing in Black & White only. Then the picture was barely visible with "fishnet" looking patterns on the lighter areas of the screen. I called customer service and they said the product only had 90 day warranty. So you're okay with throwing away you $ on disposable DVD player then go for it. I won't buy a Sony product again.... Read More  Hide
From: Indianapolis, IN.

Pretty good little unit!

April 15, 2019
I've had this player for a couple of years now and I have only one real complaint. This complaint may sound trivial but if you are like me and enjoy taking a look at details in films by using freeze frame and frame by frame then this design flaw (IMHO) will annoy you too. I've never had a video player (even my first VHS in the 80's) that you couldn't hold down the forward or reverse frame by frame button and and watch the frames tick by. Well... on this 21st century DVD, you have to manually push the buttons 20, 30, 40 times to find the frame you're looking for! RIDICULOUS!!! Otherwise.... this is a great little unit!!... Read More  Hide
From: Boise, ID, United States

I Expected More From Sony

July 22, 2017
I used to think the Sony name meant quality. Not any more. The DVD Upscaling Player Model DVP-SR510H is not worth any more than other off-brands. 1. Can't tell if power is on (if a light exists I cannot see it). 2. Very long delay when either eject button on unit or remote is got before it responds. 3. DVD load time is slower than it should be. 4. Older dvd tend to pause during replay a periodically then continue. Overall its ok but I would just get a cheaper brand next time for a "throw away" DVD player.... Read More  Hide
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