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From: New York City suburb

Powerful Camera -- Perfect for Baby-Boomers

July 26, 2012
This review comes after my having read all of the pre-release and early on-line reviews, then buying an RX100 in a local Sony Store -- it totally exceeds my expectations. This product review is probably different from most others. I am a Senior Citizen with very specific needs, needs which the RX100 is satisfying brilliantly, for instance: (1) I have been experiencing vision issues which challenge my use of a DSLR's eyepiece. The huge and hugely bright LCD display on the RX100 aides my composition and focusing comfort (as does the quick and accurate autofocus). (2) The combination of several features in one compact camera body precludes my needing other equipment. In particular, the 28mm-100mm optical zoom together with the digital zoom extension to 200mm; the ultra-wide angle panorama mode; and, its breath-taking 1080 HD video with full active camera functions and still frame capture ability. I'm using its MP4 format and Mac computers. (3) Also, besides adding years to its "Obsolescence Window" by jumping to 20Mpixel resolution [my last Nikon digital camera works but has only 5Mpixel, hence obsolete], having such large images allows me to crop down to smaller sections of the image and still have plenty of pixels to print -- effectively increasing the RX100's "magnification" even more than it's stated optical and digital zoom ranges. (4) The combination of a very large sensor and the F1.8 lens, together with the camera's uncanny ability to adjust for strong backlight, has allowed me to minimize the need for any flash at all. I'm taking pictures that my previous equipment simply couldn't handle w/o fill flash. (5) And, finally, the fast internal processor and support for large, fast memory cards, encourages me to use the RX100's 10 image per second burst capture, which is a major aide in getting just the right expression when I am photographing blinking adults and/or typically hyperactive Newborn to 4-year-old granchildren. The price of having to kill all of the "extra" stills in the burst is small compared to getting the perfect shot, or not getting it. I'm using a 16Gb Class 10 but intend to try a 95Mbps Extreme Pro memory to see whether the Rx100 is even faster! So, although there are a few "shortcomings" as mentioned in the on-line and other customers' reviews (i.e., weak on-camera flash, no hot shoe, HDMI port next to the tripod mount, weak user manual so far), this camera truly is top of its class and an excellent investment for people like me who do a lot of grandchild photos and vacation/travel photos -- I started photographing my latest grandson's birth the same afternoon that I bought the RX100; and I can hardly wait for next February to take this little beauty along to New Zealand and Australia (for this active vacation I am buying a trekking pole with a camera mount to use as a monopod).... Read More  Hide
From: Los Angeles, CA

Almost perfect

September 14, 2012
I have been waiting for a camera like this for a number of years. I mostly shoot DSLR, but I have bought several P&S cameras over the years (mostly Canon) and was never satisfied with them. The image quality that this camera gives from ISO 80 to 800 is nothing of outstanding (however, see some of my issues below). In auto mode, white-balance in images is outstanding, and it is easy to change to specific settings from either the Menu or Function buttons. The camera is small enough that it will fit comfortably in a pocket if you have baggy shorts or pants (people with tight-fit jeans, please don't try), even if it is inside a small camera poach. Now for the issues I have with this camera: 1) The lens is superb at its widest aperture (f/1.8) and lowest focal length (28mm). However, once the aperture gets smaller, especially past f/5.6, and at longer focal lengths, I find that small details in images can get quite mushy, even when shooting on a tripod with image stabilization off (to avoid having the sensor move during image capture). The lens at longer focal lengths is just not that great, and I try to avoid mid- to telephoto ranges. 2) Battery runs out too quickly, I get perhaps 200-300 shots out of it (which of course depends on how much one uses the LCD display). I also would prefer to charge the battery with a separate charger, like many have already mentioned. 3) The LCD display is excellent, giving bright saturated images. However, when its brightness is set to “Sunny Weather” (and not Auto, which is the default), I have found that it consistently has a problem displaying saturated yellow colors, and also reds to a lesser extent. The yellows tend to bloom to an ugly off-green color, even when the colors in the JPEG file viewed on a color-calibrated monitor are perfectly fine (I have set my camera to shoot RAW+JPEG high rez). In “Auto” mode, the files display properly.... Read More  Hide
From: San Diego

RX 100 Camera- Wow!

September 19, 2012
Based on reviews I went for this camera right away. The 1" CMOS, 20 megapixels, Zeiss lens and F1.8 speed, video quality, still image quality, size, overall creative features and the capability of this camera is amazing. I work in broadcast TV and we use many Sony products, including video cameras. That said we are moving to CMOS sensors to shoot more and more and we shoot quite a bit of DSLR. While the RX 100 won't match a DSLR in all applications, what it can do given it's small size and ease of use is astounding. And as a still camera it really is terrific. It is the one camera to have on you at all times. That said, here is what it still needs- Interval shooting capability. I seriously hope a firmware update is in our future so we can shoot interval images. 24p video shooting is also a must have going forward. The micro HDMI location means no tripod mounting and external screen monitoring at the same time (more of an issues for pros). Lastly no external battery charger- really Sony?- come on and roll it out for us. For the size and the price this camera is great. A few updates and new features would be a market killer. Hope Sony delivers.... Read More  Hide
From: Boston, MA

Best compact camera available

August 10, 2012
It's the little camera that could. The larger image censor really shines. Excellent detail in images allowing you to zoom in when viewing picture on computer screen to see all the details that the camera captured. Accurate/fast focus, having shot about 2000 outdoors pictures only a couple were blurry/out of focus. It's so fun to use you would want to buy a backup battery pack so you can shoot the whole day. Nice menu system and controls although video record button can be activated by accident. Popup flash can pop up annoyingly over your finger but can easily be disabled from the controls/menu if you don't plan on using flash (I seldom do). Image quality is superb right out of the camera. I haven't been able to make much use of RAW but found camera jpeg just perfect. Continuous shooting is superb at regular speed and shines at 10fps. Having used 10fps shooting on the camera I will not buy any future camera that does not have that feature. Great for capturing 1 sec of fast action such as diving, etc at 10fps. I have never been a fan of Sony digital cameras before, good electronics not so good image quality? This camera shows that Sony has changed that and image quality and electronics both deliver. It's nice to see Sony changing the rules and is making the best camera it can make rather than hamstring the camera to protect a higher margin DSLR. It's not perfect but very close to it. LCD can be difficult to see in bright sunshine and if there was one thing I would add to the camera it would be a view finder, but still the camera is very good without one.... Read More  Hide
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