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From: Billerica, MA

A very worthwhile accessory

September 15, 2013
The charger allows you to charge a battery for your RX100 in 90 minutes, outside the camera, instead of tying up the camera while changing the battery in the camera with the OEM charger supplied with the camera. It also is strong enough to run the camera and comes with USB output as well. It's bundled with a battery which makes it a great deal. I gave only 4stars for design, be ause you have to carefully seat the battery in the charger to make sure the contacts line up. If you have done it right , the charging light comes on, then multiple green lights tell you what fraction of the charging is completed.... Read More  Hide
From: Buffalo NY

Charges good but Expensive

August 26, 2013
I cannot rate the reliability, I have only had it a couple of weeks. It is difficult to get the battery in exactly the right place for charging, it gets better as you get used to it.
From: Brampton, ON

Multi Purpose Charger, Only One needed

July 25, 2014
This unit is a little bit bulky to carry around, although it has retractable connector. It took me a while to figure out how to use this charger until I found there is lever to flip to accomodate different type of battery. It is so handy that I need to carry only one charger during business trip or on vacation. It charges many different type of SONY camera batteries, but for me I need it for two different camera batteries NP-BX1 for DSC-HX50V, NP-BN1 for DSC-TX30, it even comes with USB connector (you need to flip the lever to switch beteween battery charger mode to USB charger mode) so I can charge cell phones and tablet. Only thing I need to be super careful is how to insert/seat the battery onto the unit, it appears to be very loose, especially when I use it for NP-BN1. (again, obviously it has some kind of protection circuit, so if I inserted battery wrong way, yellow light flashes)... Read More  Hide