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From: Maricopa, AZ, USA

DSCH300 Digital Camera A Winner

September 27, 2014
When my old Sony Mavica no longer would read the discs, I started looking for a new camera. I wanted something that had the same features as the old one and had video capability. I must say this camera is all that and more, it is packed with great features. The HD video was awesome and the mic does not pick up that annoying camera hum while filming. Pictures are clear/sharp and the many setting options (including panorama) will keep you busy for days. The macro zoom takes awesome close ups. I love the fact that you can manually adjust everything (like an SLR), but has auto settings like smile detection, tracking focus and scene settings. Overall, I have been extremely pleased with this camera. The only thing I would say is that the manual does not explain all the features that the camera has, however, you can download the full manual on the website. It does not have a hot shoe for flash attachment, but the built in flash works well. It does have a tripod mounting hole on the bottom and uses (4) AA batteries, so you do not have to wait to charge up before using the camera. This is a great choice for the price!... Read More  Hide
From: Lake Jackson, TX 77566, USA

Good camera

October 04, 2014
I like the camera but find that it lacks some of the versatility of the H50 such as being able to set the focus length, and a sports setting. Auto focus seems to take a long time and not always focused on subject matter. I do like the greater telephoto ability. Generally a good camera but lacking some of the versatility of the H50.... Read More  Hide
From: Illinois, United States

Great beginner camera

September 12, 2016
Love this camera but there a few issues I have come across since I bought this camera: *The batteries that came with it are not rechargeable ...and were dead when I tried them... And not being able to charge from camera is a negative. Low light photos are not impressive...even tried different settings. And response time is sometimes a pain. The Pros Love the way it fits in my hand, The price was great. And easy to use... And really no editing needed other then cropping...... Read More  Hide
From: Chariton, IA, United States

Great features

January 23, 2017
I bought this product and like taking pictures for memories
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