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Nice camera. Very Capable

May 28, 2015
Nice professional grade pictures. Long learning curve to understand all the functions. I recommend an extra battery And charger, $$$!
From: New Hyde Park, NY, United States

Buying a6000 again.

April 01, 2017
It had been two month to have a6000 mirrorless camera with sigma 30mm f1.8 lense. I am absolutely newbie about cameras and it is first camera I bought. All I want to say about this product is just perfect for me. Sadly, I lost my camera a weeks ago from las vegas trip, so the pictures I uploaded are taken within a month and under 1100 shutcount. I could satisfy with the picture quality for sure, and so happy to get this camera. Therefore, I'm planning to buy again this camera with basic lense (.....................). I expect quality of basic lense, so I hope do not buy extra lense..haha... Read More  Hide
From: Bluffton, SC, USA

Amazing camera

May 13, 2015
I had purchased the original NEX-5 when it came out and love Sony's mirrorless systems. It was showing its age though. I received the a6000 as a gift and couldn't have been happier. All the upgrades I wanted from NEX-5 at a great price. The advanced settings make this a wonderful step between beginner and professional photographer. If you want greater control of your shooting experience without breaking the bank, this is the camera to have.... Read More  Hide
From: California, USA

Quick and easy

March 29, 2015
A small responsive image maker with excellent IQ epically when coupled with a lens like the Zeiss 16-70 F4.0. This combination is a good all around package. With a polarizer you can get most shots including video with the polarizer acting as a neutral density filter..Of course you can swap out for a longer of shorter lens if necessary. Great flexibility. I keep it set on intelligent auto so I can almost always get a good shot, of course using other setting if time allows. For a long day of shooting carry an extra battery.... Read More  Hide
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