Superb Portrait and Landscape Lens

June 17, 2017
I have had this lens for a couple months and absolutely Love it! Great focal range, optical quality and solid build. Could not be happier.
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From: Edmonton


June 25, 2018
I Love it. Sure, is Ridiculous Expensive, I think Sony need to review it's price, it's heavy, it's big, it's Beautiful, it's insanely Sharp, Fast AF, robust, really well built and the pictures, are amazing. I just love it, specially the hold buttons, the right amount, 3 of them, so when I use in a portrait mode I still have a button on my finger tips, just love it.... Read More  Hide
From: Vancouver, BC

Amazing Lens minus the tripod collae

July 19, 2018
Literally the best lens for your money. 900% would reccomend except the tripod collar comes loose so they messed up the design there. But that doesn’t matter.
From: Niagara

Nice medium telephoto

February 01, 2018
I bought this to get a bit of reach for some wildlife photography in the mountain forests of Uganda. Worked well despite some focus challenges as the subject was hidden behind leaves and branches. Spotfocus was a help. Would have liked an f2.8 but could afford it.... Read More  Hide
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