From: Holland, MI 49424, USA

Great low light, wonderful when well lit

December 20, 2014
All the complaints about no 4k is crazy. Seriously, for those complaining about no 4k, go buy a different camera, like the GH4. Of course if you do, then you'll be complaining about the lack of low light abilities.... crazy.... I bought TWO a7s bodies strictly for the low light. Period. Done. There is NO match to the a7s. My commercial work for clients is 95% very low light, and very dusty conditions. The a7s is good. Crazy good! And not just for video, either. I shoot stills (landscape) and print them 60" wide on canvas, and they look very good.... If you want great dynamic range, and wonderful low light video, then buy this. If you want 4k on the cheap, go somewhere else, but you;ll be back to buy this eventually.