Most Helpful
From: Montreal, QC, Canada

Professional and advanced features

March 05, 2017
I am still learning the many features and getting outstanding results
From: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Quality value product

November 26, 2017
Outstanding photos with great colour detail and sharpness. Awesome wifi transfer features. Awesome selfie feature 180' degree screen flip tilt. Awesome remote control feature using phone
From: Quebec

Useless oustide with sun

March 09, 2020
Great deception! I'm unable to use this camera outside when the sun is shining or even with good luminosity. I cannot see anything on the screen.
From: St. Catharines

Great for novice photographers and experienced!

June 09, 2020
Lightweight, easy to use, lots of customizable features. Oh and it takes unreal picture and video