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From: Langley, BC, Canada

Excellent Product with a great kit and zoom lens!

June 17, 2017
I just purchased a6000Y which includes kit lens and zoom lens with the body. I am very satisfied with it. Images are sharp and the FHD video is top-notch! I cannot ask for more. I upgraded my Sony NEX-3N to a6000 and the difference is night and day! I am sure that a6300 and 6500 has better features and all, but I think I will be good with the a6000 for upcoming few years and then probably upgrade to a higher models later on. For now, I am thinking about purchasing SEL35F18 to add quality of portrait photos!... Read More  Hide
From: Victoria, BC

Only one thing is not satisfying.

August 12, 2019
Why could I not set my password after I had successfully registered my camera and the play memory software? !