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January 06, 2015
At that price and quality..., I should've ordered 2 of them. This subwoofer delivers!!!!! I've been working on a 7.2 setup..., and I will definitely be picking up another one of these!!!
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Great sound !

January 06, 2015
Great sound from this unit. This was to upgrade a home theater system. Good response, and it makes the movies more realistic.
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very good bass

May 04, 2015
very clean bass, enough power to rattle the walls if turned up too far!!
From: Fort Worth, TX, United States

Excellent Value!

October 25, 2017
I paired this with a Sony SSCS8 center channel speaker. And I have to mention that set up is super easy if you hook-up with a sub-woofer cable. I added the sub-woofer to my 2015 home theater system featuring a Sony XBR-55X850B 55-inch 4K TV, STR-DN1050 7.2 Channel Hi-Res 4K AV receiver and BDP-S6500 Blu-Ray Disc player to enhance the audio richness and to have that “extra punch” when watching movies. Made some minor acoustic tweaks with min-max levels, frequency settings and switched to the power saving mode which is nice when not needed or not in use. Blu-Ray DVDs sound clear and balanced and now the ‘up-scaling’ of the BDP-S6500 to near 4K quality can be heard and felt for an improved viewing experience! And now digital music sounds quite good with HD audio quality from either a CD, Wi-Fi or USB source. The dynamic range combined with the crisp tight bass makes the audio very pleasing for digital and high definition audio. It’s tough to imagine any speakers that can match Sony at this price point. And that’s the beauty of Sony products - affordability that doesn’t compromise on quality or looks.... Read More  Hide
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