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From: Utah County

Great Bass For The Price.

April 01, 2018
A great sounding subwoofer to match the Sony SS surround sound speaker system. The cabinet matches the rest of the speaker system. The bass sounds good and goes deep in sound. I wish this was at least 200w instead of 115w, also the power switch shuts off quite often i just wish the timer would be around 10-15 mins if no bass is detected. But overall this subwoofer is good for the money it pretty much a plug in and play. I would recommend this subwoofer if you already own the rest of the ss series to match the set....... Read More  Hide
Ryan H
From: Oklahoma

Great Compact Subwoofer. Not Great Auto On/Off...

December 27, 2018
I've had this guy for a week or so now. It was setup with my main t.v/ music area and it sounded phenomenal. It's quite compact, only about 1/3 the size of the Polk it replaced. It hasa nice understated-black look to it. no frills. Has all the basic connectivity, which is nice if you need that. Crossover goes reasonably high, which should play well with smaller speakers. However, I had to move it to my office, where I really only listen to music, because the Auto On/Off feature is pretty poorly implimented. While watching movies or shows, if there are scenes of dialoge that last more than a few minutes, the sub with shut off. Which is audible in itself, whats worse, is the sub is slow to wake back up. So, sometimes, in movies with fast paced scenery, you'll A) be distracted by the fact that the sub shut off and/or hasn't come back on yet and B) miss out on the drama of the scene because there will be no chest-pounding bass present.... Read More  Hide
From: Kansas City, Missouri

Works great the short time it worked!

April 17, 2020
I have 3 Sony TVs, 2 Ps4's and Sony floor speakers and received. I love their products. I noticed lately their super is not good. I bought this speaker from Best Buy a few years ago. About 13 months after the purchase it stopped working. The speaker sounds like it may be blown. I called Sony customer service for support they was not any help! Pretty much told me it was nothing they could do. No troubleshooting help at all.... Read More  Hide
From: Mississippi


May 29, 2020
I have a Sony soundbar and my wireless sub quit working. It was determined that it’s not repairable per troubleshooting it. My question is will this work with my soundbar?